They are heavy, they are bulky, they are shiny; what I am talking about are the metal hurricane shutters. They were all the rage thirty years ago when Florida was getting hit with hurricane after hurricane. These were created when nailing plywood to cover windows started causing more damage than preventing it. But that was years ago and now hurricane shutter companies have created much more efficient products.

These panels are annoying to install. You have to attach tracks to the side of your home and then add each panel manually with bolts. It is a two person job because one person has to hold the panel while the other person screws in the bolts. This would be difficult to install if you are not physically able. It would not be ideal for the elderly.

When it is not hurricane season, they have to be taken off and stored. They are bulky and long and If you do not have a garage, it will be difficult to store them. They have also known to be easily stolen off houses and sold elsewhere. These metal shutters weigh around 75 pounds per panels and it can take up to ten panels to cover an average size window.

Better Options

If you like the look of shiny metal on your house, go for it. But now there are so many different options that will fit any window or door needs.


It is similar to trampoline fabric and can neatly be folded when not in use for storage. It is custom to fix any windows or doors

Roll Down Aluminum Shutters

This is great for elderly because they can be operated by a remote. They are one of the strongest of the shutters and do not need to be dissembled once they are installed. The come in different colors and designs. There can also be roll down fabric.

When a hurricane is on the way, or you would like to prepare before one comes, do not go straight for the boring and outdated metal panels. Research the types of shutters available that are right for your windows and doors. Accordion Hurricane Shutters has a lot of different options and affordable prices.


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