Plywood is a simple go to type of shutter to install when a hurricane comes. Put they are a hassle to take down and they also cause damage on your walls, not to mention they do not look pretty. If you prepare and install your own hurricane shutters, you will be prepared and prevent damage in the long run.

If you are a do it yourself type of person, and you like to create things with your hands, then hurricane shutters will be a great idea for your next project, especially with us entering the peak of hurricane season. If you have already completed lots of other projects then hurricane shutters would be an easy next task.

Installation of plywood on by hammering nails or screws to your house can create permanent damage on the walls. If you permanent fasteners instead, it will prevent less damage and allow the installation of shutter to go smoother.

Tools required

  • Hammer drill
  • Metal cutting blade for skill saw
  • Ladder

The first thing you need to do is decide what type of shutters you want to buy to install yourself. With this in mind you also have to factor in the structural part of your walls including the types of finish it has. This determines the type of fasteners and anchors you will need. Here is a list of different types of shutters and what would be the most suitable for your home.

Once you have bought your shutters and the fasteners, you will need to first install the fasteners. For concrete walls, you may need certain experience in installing these fasteners. Here are instructions for installing certain fasteners.

Lay out your panels and measure them according to wear you want to put them. You will want to have exact measurements so you are not wasting any extra material. An average bedroom window is 3’ x 6’ and will consume a full sheet.

Once you have installed your fasteners and have the panels measured out, you can put them on to test them and make sure everything is in order.

With installing your own hurricane shutters, it will allow you to put them up and take them down whenever you want without waiting for an installation company to come and do it. You also save money on your end by installing them yourself.

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