Garage doors are most of the time sturdy and reliable during everyday usage, but will they hold up during a hurricane? A garage door can be easily over looked when preparing for a hurricane. They are the largest opening, causing it to be the weakest opening. With high winds and debris a garage door can be vulnerable and dangerous if it detaches and could possible take some of the roof with it. Or if the door collapses, the wind and debris could enter the house.

The way a garage door can get damaged in a hurricane is by the strong winds pushing at the door causing it to bend inward or outward. The width gets shortened and causes the side-wheels to pull out of the tracks and detach the door from the frame.

Shutters will not be enough to protect a garage door. The door is only attached to the garage frame by side-wheels and has no other support. So once the side-wheels of the door come out of the tracks, the door will easily bend more and become more damaged depending on the wind.

Braces on your garage door are the perfect way to prepare for a hurricane and prevent serious damage from the door and house. Single car garages require one brace to hold for speeds up to 179 mph while two car garages require two braces.

Braces are recommended for garage doors that are not hurricane rated. They offer excellent wind protections and are cost effective. There are residential and commercial garage door braces available. Installing a garage brace may even lower your homeowners insurance!

Accordion Hurricane Shutters offers low price braces for your garage door with easy installation. They are only $150 per brace and take 30 minutes to install using only an electric drill, screw driver, and wrench. The brace will fit any door in size and up to 14ft in height.

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