We are an authorized dealer and installer of the Miami-Dade approved Fort Hurricane stainless steel screens. These screens can be either fixed (non opening) or operable for doors and window exits. They are permanently mounted to your windows and doors and appear as an ordinary screen door or window.

Features & Benefits

Energy Efficient

Awarded the Energy Star Award Certificate by the Florida Energy Office, these screens can reduce interior heat by 25% and UV rays by 95%, giving you big savings on your energy bill!


Aesthetic in appearance and designed to enhance your home’s exterior look, Fort Hurricane stainless steel screens are see-through and more attractive than bars and shutters.


Stainless steel screens are made to not only protect your home from the elements, but also to add an extra degree of burglar-resistant security for your home.

Client Service is our top priority

Fort Hurricane stainless steel screens give you security and hurricane protection without compromising on cost or appearance. They are large missile approved, meaning they can withstand the impact of 9 lbs traveling at a speed of 50 feet per second (or 34 mph). At the same time, they are attractive in appearance and cost effective, leading to energy savings that will demand a discount on your energy bill!

Tip: In addition to energy savings, Fort Hurricane stainless steel screens may entitle you to a homeowners insurance discount!