Our certified and approved hurricane panels come in aluminum and clear polycarbonate made with GE Lexan. They have a 2 inch (front to back) profile, and at about 9 panels per inch, they stack into each other for easy and convenient storage. Each panel has 3 holes punched into the top and bottom 6 inches on center and can be used to secure ALL home openings. Both the aluminum and clear panels can be combined on the same opening, as well. This allows light to come in through the secured opening.

Clear Lexan Hurricane Panels

Clear Lexan Hurricane Panels

Lightweight 0.100 gauge, Dade County rated and statewide Florida Building Code approved. We can also add these to your existing (2 inch profile) aluminum panels.

Aluminum Hurricane Panels

Aluminum Hurricane Panels

Lightweight 0.050 and 0.063 gauge, Dade County rated and statewide Florida Building Code approved. We can also order steel panels.

Features & Benefits

Certified + Approved

Wind and impact approved for Dade County, SBCCI, Texas Dept of Insurance, statewide Florida Building Code, and ASTM.


Affordable protection that also increases the value of your home and even qualifies for insurance company discounts!

Quick, Easy Installation

Can be directly mounted and installed either with or without tracks, both vertically and horizontally.

Added Security

Strong enough to provide not only hurricane protection, but also added security for your home or business.

Enhanced Durability

Both lexan and aluminum panels are long-lasting and will not rust, crack or peel.


Mounting tracks available in white, bronze, ivory and beige, with all exposed hardware painted to match.

Panel Setup

  1. The panel being installed is first positioned so that it overlaps any previously installed panel at that opening. This interlocks the panels to insure maximum strength and that neither wind nor debris will enter the opening.
  2. The top edge of the panel is then slid into the top H-header track. The bottom edge of the panel then aligns with the bottom studded track. The studded track bolts will then align with the 3 panel holes (located at the bottom of each panel).
  3. The last step is to lock each panel to the bottom track by means of wing nuts screwed onto the protruding bolts.

These panels can also be direct mounted (without tracks) by using anchors and bolts.

Tip: Many people choose to intermix the clear and aluminum panels to allow light into the home and to give outside awareness.