Our CrimSafe hurricane and security screens provide a two-in-one solution for the South Florida homeowner: protection from both hurricanes and burglars! They are HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) approved for use in the State of Florida and comprise a fixed panel permanently mounted on the opening. This means you only have to install it once! These screens do not block exits and can only be opened from inside. They are also see-through and look just like a screen door or window. Each of our CrimSafe hurricane and security screens comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Features & Benefits


These fixed-panel screens can simultaneously function as an all-in-one insect/solar/security/hurricane screen.


0.9mm think and clamped down to prevent it from being kicked in, CrimSafe hurricane and security screens will make home break-ins a thing of the past!


The screens are completely unobtrusive and look just as a screen door or window would, so you won’t compromise safety and security for aesthetics.

Customer Service is Our Top Priority!

Our hurricane and security screens are built for durability. CrimSafe measures their resistance against corrosion and guarantees them to last throughout not only break-ins and storms, but also rust and normal wear-and-tear. Plus, since they are permanently mounted, you won’t have to worry about uninstalling and re-installing them year after year once hurricane season comes around.

Tip: CrimSafe screens can reduce solar heat gain by a factor of 52%, so you can keep your home safe, cool and insect-free all with one product!