Live with both peace of mind and quality comfort with roll down hurricane shutters by Gladiator and Nautilus. These hurricane shutters are convenient and multi-functional, protecting you and your home from hurricanes, sunlight and insects all at once. They are designed for convenient operation with little or no need to disassemble them once they are installed, and they can be operated via a remote control and manual crank.

Nautilus Aluminum Roll Down Shutters

Nautilus roll down hurricane shutters are one of the strongest and most compact shutter systems on the market. They are especially ideal for patios and balconies in any type of building, whether residential or commercial, ground-level or even high-rise.


  • 7″ box
  • HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) approved
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty

Features & Benefits


These shutters are highly effective against the wind and debris of hurricanes and tropical storms.


Easy to deploy at a moment’s notice, and doesn’t require any hassle of disassembly or storage.


White, off-white, bronze, and beige color options are available as per your design wants and needs.

Gladiator Fabric Roll Down Shutters

Gladiator shutters provide an ideal hurricane protection system that does not sacrifice safety and security for style and aesthetics. These roll down shutters are unobtrusive, multi-functional and designed for year-round use for your convenience.


  • 7′ box
  • HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) & Miami-Dade approved
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty

Features & Benefits


Protection not only against hurricanes, but also from the hot sunshine, UV rays, wind, dust, rain, and insects.

24/7 Protection

These shutters protect your home 24/7 each and every day of the year. No disassembly necessary!


Made of attractive, stylish fabrics, Gladiator shutters look great and don’t block your view.