Have you noticed: this year’s hurricanes are worse than last year’s and next year’s are supposed to be even worse than this year? You can inexpensively and quickly reduce your current risk by ordering Secure Door garage door braces. These patented hurricane garage door braces offer excellent wind protection for even a cheap, 26 guage, rolled steel, double car garage door, all the while remaining very cost effective. Secure Door has received Statewide Florida Building Code approval (FL2364-R2), allowing it to be installed in any county within Florida.

Residential Garage Door Brace

If you do not have a hurricane rated garage door, you need this product to keep your door from being either blown in or sucked out. Once that happens, your roof is the next item to leave your home.

Commercial Garage Door Brace

We have the only commercial garage door brace for warehouse roll down doors. This works on the same principal as the residential except it mounts on the outside of the door and can extend up to 14 feet in height.

Tip: Installing a Secure Door garage door brace may qualify you for some type of homeowners insurance discount!

Features & Benefits


At only $150 (plus tax) per brace, it costs less than hurricane-resistant garage doors and garage door shutters and is many times cheaper than your out-of-pocket insurance deductible.

Easy Installation

No permit required for purchase or installation — takes only 30 minutes per brace for do-it-yourself installation with an electric drill, screw driver and a crescent wrench.

Any Size Fits

The Secure Door garage door brace can fit a garage door of almost any size, and reinforces the garage door to provide an anchor and support in addition to the garage door tracks.

Quick & Convenient

Does not attach permanently to the garage door, can be stored inconspicuously and conveniently out of the way, and sets up in 3 minutes or less should a hurricane suddenly threaten.


With Florida Building Code approved braces proven to protect from hurricane wind conditions rated at a strong category 5 (180 mph), secure door is more effective than retrofitted horizontal garage door braces.

Top-Rated & Approved

Independently tested to exceed ASTM E330 and SBCCI retrofit wind speed standards and is Florida Building Code approved (FL2364-R2) for installation in any county within Florida.

Client Service is our top priority!

Did you know: the garage door is potentially the largest and weakest opening in many home to a hurricane? According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), loss of the garage door was a major factor for homes damaged or destroyed in Hurricane Andrew.

Even with shutters, if your garage door fails, the full force of the hurricane will enter your home and possibly blow off your roof and seriously damage or destroy your home. Hurricanes exert both a positive (inward) and negative (outward) pressure on all of your home’s walls and openings … including your garage door. Regardless of the type and strength of your garage door, it is only attached to the garage frame by its side-wheels that ride inside the garage door tracks.

Garage doors fail when the hurricane winds cause the door to physically bend either inward or outward. This bending shortens the width of the garage door and causes the garage door side-wheels to pull out of the tracks thus detaching the garage door from the frame. To keep your garage door securely in place, you must not allow the garage door to bend.

Tip: The manufacture suggests the following number of braces depending upon the size of the garage door being protected.

  • Single car garage: minimum of one (1) brace is required for wind speeds up to 179 mph (miles per hour).
  • Two car garage: minimum of two (2) braces for wind speeds up to 169 mph and optionally three (3) braces for wind speeds up to 180 mph.
  • Two and one half garage: minimum of three (3) braces.