Storm Catcher is the NO HASSLE choice for many residential and business owners. This is the ideal way to protect large areas that would normally be too expensive or too hard to protect against a hurricane. For example: patios, covered store front walkways & front entrances.

The Storm Catcher system consists of a heavy duty woven, geo-synthetic, Poly Urethane Mesh that will let in light and soft breezes but will keep out a hurricane’s flying debris, blowing wind and driving rain.

Features & Benefits


Only an 8’x40′ section that weighs about 20 pounds, hurricane fabrics are lightweight and easy to store away when not in use.

Quality Guaranteed

Our Storm Catcher Hurricane Fabrics require no maintenance and will not rot or collect moisture or bugs.


The Storm Catcher looks solid from the outside, but it lets light into your home and offers a transparent view from inside the house.

Florida Building Code Compliant

Impact resistant, blocks 97% of wind & rain and can withstand winds up to 165 mph.

Easy Installation

Manual deployed Storm Catcher hurricane fabrics are installation-friendly and no special tools are required for setup.


While still impact resistant, hurricane fabrics are priced at lower than either accordian or roll down shutters.

Installation & Setup

Because of its light weight and easy attachment system, it can easily be setup in just a matter of minutes rather than hours. An 8′ by 40′ section only weighs 20 pounds.

  1. First the top strap loops are hooked onto eye-bolts mounted above the opening.
  2. The bottom straps with buckles are then secured to the eye-bolts located at the bottom of the opening.
  3. The side straps are secured in the same way.

Note: The buckles are used to apply a SMALL amount of tension to hold everything in place.

With Loops & Buckles

The Storm Catcher fabric panels can be made to have loops and straps (made out of the same high strength material that is used for car seat belts) sewn around the outer edges to be used with Stainless Steel mounting eye-bolts that are attached to your building. The floor eye-bolts can be made removable so that you will not trip over them.

With Stainless Steel Grommets & Bolts

Stainless Steel grommets can be placed around the outer edges of the Storm Catcher panel to be used with Stainless Steel mounting bolts (with or without tracks) attached to your building.

Client ServiceĀ is our top priority

Storm Catcher has another mounting option. If you want the ultimate in convenience, Storm Catcher can be permanently mounted above an opening and just rolled down when needed and then rolled up again when the storm has passed. You can choose either a manual crank mechanism or you can have it motorized so that all you have to do is flip a switch to protect your home or business.

Tip: Storm Catcher is backed by the Manufacture’s 10 Year Limited Warranty against defects and/or workmanship.