Renovating with impact windows and doors

It’s no secret that hurricanes are a fact of life in the South Florida area, but many South Florida homes were not originally built with hurricane protection in mind. This creates a dilemma for homeowners who are thinking about renovating with impact windows and doors. If you want to get protection for your home or business before hurricane season, will you have to sacrifice style or structure? Will the color, material, and appearance of your new impact windows and doors match your architecture? Do you have to get the original manufacturer to do the renovation? How will all this impact the value of your home?

How to Approach Renovating With Impact Windows and Doors

Accordion Hurricane Shutters doesn’t want you to have to choose between good taste and getting the right kind of hurricane windows and doors. That’s why we partner with such a wide variety of manufacturers, including PGT and Flesher. Among them all, you are sure to find a style to your liking. Our windows vary according to different arraignments of sashes and hinges, such as casement windows, hung windows, awning windows, and rolling windows. When it comes to doors, we offer a rich selection of sliding, swinging and folding doors with different hinge and panel types.

Choosing a Window & Door Material

A key factor to take into consideration is the material of your hurricane windows and doors. Each material has its own unique advantages and appeals to a particular taste. Wood-clad windows and doors are considered the “classy” option, and can be engraved to fit one of any number of designs. If energy efficiency is your main concern, then vinyl is the way to go. It offers sound and air insulation, as well as extreme resistance to corrosion, chipping away and peeling. Finally, aluminum is often considered the “industry standard”, keeping costs at a minimum yet nevertheless remaining a very durable material for your hurricane windows and doors.

Recognizing the Return on Investment

Renovating with impact windows and doors certainly won’t compromise your home’s appearance, either. This means that your home’s value will not be adversely affected. On the contrary, they can actually add to the value of your home. That’s because their dense glass and reinforced structure functions to not only resist the debris of tropical storms, but protects against break-ins and vandalism as well. The selling price appreciates, and some people are even able to get lower home insurance rates, as well. The added security benefit of impact windows and doors has proven to make your house a more secure and more valuable asset every time!

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